Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Wardrobe Inspiration from 1946

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely ready for the summer. Yes, I know it's July. But around here it's about 15 degrees. Which means that all I can do is fantasize about the perfect summer wardrobe, while wrapping myself up in three layers of wool. Fortunately, here is Alexis Smith, star of Gentleman Jim (1942) and Here Comes the Groom (1951), to give us her fashion advice. The photos and descriptions are from Screenland magazine from July 1946.

Clothes for fun in the sun should be gay, says Alexis. She lives up to her convictions in this off-white print frock with bands of brilliant red edging the front closing and skirt, which is slashed at either side.   

Black and white stripes make a gay summer frock, topped with huge cartwheel accessories with dotted veiling. From Saks Beverly Hills. 

 Star of Warners' "One More Tomorrow" selects her favorite play suit to model for us. The long-sleeved blouse of aquamarine and white striped rayon may be combined with a white shark-skin shorts or the nicely cut skirt.  

Brown and white print, styled with an unusual flange drape, fashions this becoming tow-piece dress which Alexis enhances with a long brown jersey gloves and saucy burnt-straw sailor.   

Black and white for the beach is always dramatic and daring and especially smart with white pique edging as carried out in this suit from Catalina. The shorts have an apron front and back. 

Lounge pajamas of black jersey trousers have a have a deep U-necked bare midriff top, which is reversible, showing white and black stripes on one side, and green and white on reverse.     

I love all the outfits, but the my personal favorites are the black and white stripe dress - check out the buttons on that one; the play suit with the white and aquamarine striped blouse - that would look so pretty on the beach; and the lounge pajamas - I really love the reversible top, you get two tops in one.

 Which is your favorite?     

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