Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ofelia Market Treasures

Ofelia Market is a wonderful annual/biannual event that brings together great fleamarket vendors, arts and crafts makers and boutique keepers who offer a wide range of handmade rarities, unique designs and vintage treasures. This is a paradise for all those who worship at the alter of style and/or bow down before the aesthetic of such movements as burlesque, gothic, lolita, pin-up, retro, rock 'n' roll or vintage.

Every year it's a different theme. This time it was Steampunk.

I must admit, I went a bit mental and bought quite a few things, going over my modest budget of 20e by a substantial amount. Though, I do not regret it.  

These cute earring and the fun ring I bought from one of my favorite vendors - Essi Paajanen. She makes beautiful lolita-inspired jewelry. And you can see that she puts a lot of thought and love into her work.
I do love junk food
It makes me think of Pushing Daisies 
I wish I could remember the name of the person who sold me this great ring. I'd been looking for something similar on Etsy for ages and this one was just what I wanted.

Who doesn't love waffles?
The vintage Barbie from Zefora necklace is not for me, it's for my little niece. The holidays are just around the corner and I wanted to buy her something she would love. And knowing how much she likes pretty and colorful jewelry, I knew she would love this.   

Vintage Barbie is really cute 
You may notice a marked preference for food-related jewelry. That was probably because I was shopping around lunchtime and was very hungry.
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