Thursday, March 16, 2017

Vintage Market Finds and a Few Extras

I went to wonderful event the other week - York Does Vintage. It's a great vintage fair in a beautiful Merchant Adventurers' Hall. The medieval guildhall itself is worth a visit, and during the fair you can get a pretty good look around and the entrance fee is reduced.

The fair itself has a lot of great vendors. There's usually tea and cakes being served by one of York's many outstanding cafes. And there's some live music and possibly some workshop - last time it was decoupage.

I've been to a few of them, and I always come back with something pretty. I want to share a few of my finds from the fair and then a couple of things I got from here and there.

I am absolutely in love with this red silk Laura Ashley blouse (I apologize for the quality of the photos, I don't have a proper camera ATM). It's not a true vintage, but it can be styled in a few ways to give it a distinct 1940s look. I can see it with a pencil skirt for a glamorous seductive look or with a a pair of high-waisted trousers for a more day-to-day style.

This beaded belt with a thistle is gorgeous. I was quite surprised that none of the beads were missing. I think I would wear it with something light and flow-y.

I also got this lovely Stratton compact with tiny black birds. I started collecting compacts recently, and since I love everything bird related, I could not pass it by. I could not date it, but I found it on Etsy and the seller there suggests that it was made between 1960-68.

Finally, from Sue Ryder I got a pair of lovely soft cream colored gloves. I think they are divine with the little flower embroidery. And from an antique book store I picked up this book on how to be the perfect 1930s host or hostess. It's an eye opener and I will share many of the delightful tidbits of information from it really soon.

That's all for now. Until my next shopping spree.            

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