Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas is always a very busy time. You have to make the presents, wrap everything and bake a million and two cookies. Sometimes you just do not have time to go all out on the Christmas decor.

For instance, we decided not to have a tree this year, so I decorate my room with a few nifty things I had at hand. Behold, the cake stand Christmas tree:

All right, I admit, it may not be all that epic, but it really makes for a fun piece, especially on a dinner table.  

You will need:
- A cake stand
- Christmas ornaments
- Some white cake doilies (if your cake stand has a very un-Christmasy pattern)

You can use tinsel, pine tree branches or a mix of everything. I had some really lovely vintage bulbs. If you have a Christmas star you could attach it to the top of the stand.

But cake stand is not the only way to decorate your room this year. You can use a jewelry stand instead.

You will need:
- A jewelry stand 
- Christmas tree ornaments

Pick a color scheme or just go all out (like I did) and put up everything you can find. This works much better if you hang the ornaments at different levels. Do not be afraid to add some tinsel or mix in some of your Christmas-looking jewelry for a more ostentatious look. I found stars, angel wings and bulb earrings, necklaces and bracelets of all kind very conductive to the Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas!      

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