Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bit of Jane Austen in your Mailbox

I must have been extra nice this year because Santa will be sending me a very special present: the Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine, No. 61

The January/February issue (No. 61) of Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine is in the mail and I can look forward to getting it very soon. And it will be a very special issue, too, marking the bicentenary of Pride & Prejudice.

The highlights will include:

 *A history of Jane Austen’s “darling child”: the background to Jane’s best-known book

 *Firth and foremost: Colin Firth’s love-hate relationship with Mr Darcy

 *Choose your Darcy: some of the actors who have played Jane’s hero

 *North to Pemberley: Elizabeth Bennet's journey with the Gardiners 

*Selling Pride & Prejudice: the spin-offs and the merchandising

 *Plus News, Letters, Book Reviews and information from Jane Austen Societies in the US, UK, and Australia

I am giddy with excitement! 

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