Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reading Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

Every two months I get a small rectangular package in the mail. This is always a cause for rejoicing as I know that the package contains Jane Austen's  Regency World Magazine, published by that Mecca of all things Austen, the Jane Austen Center in Bath.

My November/December issue had arrived and I was not disappointed. Here are a few highlights:

Some great Christmas gift ideas for the Jane Austen fan in your life
I am very susceptible to gift lists and this Austen memorabilia is a delight. I keep leaving the magazine around the house in hopes that my flatmate will stumble upon it and get me one of these gifts for Christmas.  

You shall go to the dance – public and private balls in Jane Austen’s time
A great article about dancing in Regency England with plenty of references to dances in Austen's novels.

How keeping a bawdyhouse could be a tough business 
Really fascinating stuff. I'm definitively going to check out Emily Brand's book The Georgian Bawdyhouse.  

Baiting, coursing and fishing: blood sports were big business in the Georgian era
Hunting and fishing is not something I'm particular interested in, yet this article sheds some light on the occupations of Regency men. If you're curios to find out which sports were genteel and which were not, this is full of useful information.

Looking at Jane’s use of fashion accessories in Emma
Really fun article about clothing and its meaning in Emma. Did you know that an umbrella signifies a good solid man eligible for marriage, while a purple and gold riticule at a strawberry picking party shows that you are very vulgar? Now you do.

If you love Austen or know someone who dose, the Regency Magazine subscription is really a great Christmas present for them. 

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