Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Masquarade with a Theater Group

For my theater group, Halloween is serious business. It is by far the most important social event of the season and everyone puts a lot of thought and effort into their costume for the annual Halloween Masquerade.

What makes it so wonderful is that since we are all creative, theater-loving people, the costumes were glorious.

Spooky Jack-o'-lantern is presiding over the bash  
Joker was our DJ. Thanks to Nolan we can all have a cool and easy H
alloween costume
Sometimes you watch the food. Sometimes the food watches you

Some nice witches donated a few fingers for our party
There seems to be blood on those candles
Punk Blue Fairy was there. Threatened to turn me into a real girl

Punk Tinker Bell and Punk Peter Pan. A lot of 'punk' at this party

A creepy marionette doll

Ophelia, but not the one from the play. This is the one from a painting by Arthur Hughes  

And Arthur Hughes, too. He was, surprise, Ophelia's date
A Bearded Lady. I suspect that beard used to belong to Jack Sparrow  

And the winner of the best costume - EdwardScissorhands!

I'm very proud of Edward, since I was the one who did the makeup

Happy Halloween!
Photography by Nihan Tanışer and Ritabrata Dutta


  1. I like the bearded lady :) She looks so happy with her beard

    1. She sure does! Her costume is so brilliantly simple and yet so fun and original


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