Friday, May 4, 2012

Dress of the Week: Walking Dress

I seem to be running out of types of dresses.

The weather  is still anything but mild. It may be May, but it's positively Aprilish around here. The sun is shining, enticing a lady to go out, but how is she to do this with this horrid sharp wind blowing from the sea. Only one solution - I must don a pretty spring-y walking dress. Like this one.

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, April 1817
I love the lilac spencer. The color is so beautiful, and the high ruffled color is just what one needs to keep oneself from catching a chill. The matching bonnet has a really pretty trim and the flowers make it feel like a perfect accessory for the spring. But those little white satin slippers are too delicate for our dusty roads and I would be too scared to mar the lacy hem of this dress.  

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