Friday, May 11, 2012

Dress of the Week: Robe à l'anglaise

This weekend I will be going away to the country. No, not to my estate, but to an overnight theater boot camp. We will rehearse, eat, drink, and go for many delightful walks around the lake. I will need something lovely, but practical; elegant, but sturdy.

Ah, but of course! I shall wear this    

Robe à l'anglaise,1790-1795, Kyoto Costume Institute
Dress (robe à l'anglaise), England, 1790-1795
Brown plain-weave cotton with floral block print; boned at center back; petticoat of cotton whitework with all-over foliate pattern; fichu of cotton whitework. - Kyoto Costume Institute
It is simply perfect for chilly weather and long walks. The gloves will keep my hands warm and the bonnet will protect me against the wind and the sun. The green ribbon trimming gives it a touch of spring elegance. But it is the block floral print on brown English cotton that really inspires me. It's dark enough to withstand the mud and dirt of the country, yet the jovial print will make me look quite picturesque against the backdrop of the woods and streams.   

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