Monday, February 27, 2017

How to Make a Wonderful Vintage "Float"

I love a good root beer float or a cream soda float. There's just something about the foamy, bubbly goodness that makes you feel like you're a bobby-soxer on a "date" with Cary Grant. I don't have access to my kitchen at the moment, so I had to pull some pictures from the internet.

My own recipe is very simple. You will need:

1. Fentimans Curiosity Cola
I always go for Curiosity Cola. It's not as sweet as some other sodas out there and has a nice slightly flora taste. And the bottle is super vintage-y.  

2. Organic Finnish ice cream Jymy 
Any good quality ice cream would do, but I'm a fan of this Finnish brand.  . 

3. A soda glass 
Make sure it's a tall glass. You don't want to lose any of that sweet-sweet foam. I have this old Coca-Cola glass I got from McDonald's. 

4. Fun paper straws
Paper straws come in many cute patterns. They do have one serious flaw, though, they do get soggy. But, by golly, they are so fun! 

The Process: 
1. Fill about two-thirds of your glass with soda. 
2. Plop a nice big scoop of ice cream into the glass. It will start foaming - don't fret. That's why you have such a tall glass. 
3. Once the foam has settled a little, add a bit more soda. 
4. Now put in those straws and share it with your sweetheart

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