Saturday, September 13, 2014

Moscow Goes Vintage - Flea Market at the Museum of Moscow History

I'm back after a long summer break with some fun pics to share with you. As always, I spent part of the summer in Moscow and had the pleasure of attending a couple really great events.

One of them was the Flea Market at the Museum of History of Moscow (unfortunately their page is only in Russian, so I'm linking to their wiki). Moscow doesn't seem to be as big on vintage and second hand as, say, Helsinki, but it's clearly getting there. It was very crowded.

My sister's friends have a vintage photo studio ШИПР (pronounced 'shipr') and they often attend events like this one with their old-timey camera.

And they don't just take your picture, you can also get to see how it's developed. Hint, it involves dipping the photo paper into many different liquids.    

But the results are quite stunning. 

I have to say, I love the look and feel of the photo. Unfortunately,the camera is very sensitive to movement. The slight blur on our skirts is a tiniest gust of wind. 

Since I got all dressed up just to take this photo, I will do the obligatory outfit run-down. (Every other blogger is  doing it, so I want to do it, too)   

Dress: '90s masquerading as '40s 
Shoes: borrowed from my grandma
Earrings & necklace: '60s vintage (a gift from my grandma)

My partner in this photo is a lovely statue of an early 20th century flaneur. The gentleman is very sharp dresser and quite clearly out and about to see and be seen. I feel like we make a very good pair.  

There were a lot of lovely dresses at the market, but I couldn't find anything that would really be my style (nothing within my price range, at least). But I did find a few things: 

A book on household management from 1958 proved to be a treasure trove of recipes, dress patterns and useful advice about cleaning fabrics, embroidering and gardening. I tried a recipe for beef stroganoff and love, love, LOVED  it!     

My other find was this cute little box of cake mascara, probably from the 1960s. I really want to start collecting vintage make-up and this is the first item for my collection. 

I got so inspired by my exposure to all this Soviet vintage, I felt I wanted one more thing. So I got a bottle of Moscou Rouge (aka Krasnaya Moskva) perfume. I am so in love with its scent. It very, very strong and so it has to be dealt out with a lot of care, but it has a strange otherworldly mystique to it. It reminds me of something past and half-forgotten. If you like vintage scents, I can't recommend it enough.             

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