Saturday, May 18, 2013

Photos from Craft Fair Ofelia Market 2012

I found my photos from last year's Ofelia Market and thought I'd share them with you. For those who don't know, Ofelia Market is an annual craft fair for people who love vintage, rockabilly, lolita, kawaii, steam punk, retro and goth fashion and accessories. It's usually a one day event and there are fashion shows and dance performances. So buying or browsing, you are guaranteed a good time. There is often an overall theme for the fair. This time it was "Día de los Muertos" or Day of the Dead.

Ofelia Market promo flyer, 2012  
Sellers and performers came all dressed up. 

Some were a little shy: 

Even the customers came in their full regalia. This pretty romantic lolita was my favorite:     

These gorgeous dames from Olivia Rouge were putting on quite a show: 

The girls from Malandra are real pros with those hula hoops:

The mysterious, leather-ly goodness of House of Simone:

 Exotic glamour of bellydancing courtesy of Laura Luna:

Manly men and their manly man-fashion from Varusteleka:

My table, which I was sharing with Nellin Shoppi. She makes cute animal bookmarks, pendants and earrings from polymer clay. My stuff is on the right. I'm more of a romantic, frilly type:

That's me, trying to make a sale.

It was really fun selling at a crafts fair. I'm going to try and attend more of those next year. 

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