Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to Turn Buttons into Earrings

I often find myself buying cute buttons without actually knowing what I am going to do with them. Well, last night I had an epiphany - I could turn them into earrings. Not only would that expand my own collection of jewelry, but I would be able to stock up on presents for all my jewelry loving friends. 

Here is my quick and easy tutorial that will help you turn your buttons into tiny pieces of delight.
You will need:
Wire cutters
Super glue (Don't use a glue gun, it's difficult to apply the glue and it can get a bit messy)
Earring posts and backings (available from any crafts store)
Note: When working with super glues, make sure the room is well-ventilated; and mind your figures and surfaces. Always follow the instructions on the tube.

Step 1:
Take the wire cutters and cut off the back of the button as close to the base as you can. 

Step 2: 
Put a bit of glue on a piece of cardboard and with a toothpick apply it to the flat part of the earring post. 

Step 3: 
Press the post onto the back of the button. Apply some pressure to make sure it sticks. 

Step 4: 
Repeat the same process with your second button and then leave them to dry over night.

In the morning you will have a whole assortment of new pretty earring to wear.           

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