Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Bad-Idea" Masquerade Costumes

Wastepaper Basket 
Source: Fancy Dress Described, 6th ed., 1896  
We all have one of those friends who takes a silly idea and runs with it. 

A Lady Gardener 
Source: Fancy Dress Described, 6th ed., 1896
Apart from being the most impractical and cumbersome dress for an actual gardener, even a lady one, one would think that the rake and the watering can would be very much in the way at a ball.

Source: Fancy Dresses Described, 5th ed., 1887
If your little girl wants to express her love for the British postal system this Halloween, help her wish come true with this not-at-all silly costume idea.  

A Gleaner 
Source: Fancy Dresses Described, 5th ed., 1887 
Yet another one in the line of terribly impractical 'work' costumes. Perfect for anyone who owns a sickle.  

Source: Masquerades, Tableaux and Drills, 1906
If you're suffering from a gambling problem and don't quite know how to let your friends and relatives know about it, why not opt for this charming costume? 

Source: Fancy Dresses Described, 5th ed., 1887
If the fanciful Bat Lady costumes from one of my earlier posts is not quite your cup of tea, you can always go for something a tad more traditional. With a different headdress this costume could also double as a "zebra". 

For more wonderfully silly Victorian costumes visit Historical Fancy Dress blog.


  1. I like the magpie costume, although I'm not too sure about the bird decorations--maybe a black and white feathered masquerade mask instead? See you at the ball! Katherine Louise

  2. :D I bet those are real dead and stuffed magpies, too. The dress is quite nice, if a bit Tim Burton-like. If one is going for a bird costume, one should opt for some feathers.


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