Friday, April 18, 2014

DIY Decorative Floral Hair Comb

I'm still in a very spring-y mood, which means - you guessed it - more flowers! After looking at all these lovely botanical photo spreads like this one and this one, I felt that I needed something new and floral for my jewelry box.

This is my DIY tutorial on how to make a lovely little blossomy hair comb.

You will need:
A small decorative comb - from Glitter
Resin flower flatbacks - from Green Papaya
Super glue (make sure its the kind that works on plastic)

Step 1: 
Figure out how many flowers you will need. I originally went with four, but ended up suing five. Just align them along the winds of the comb and see how many you can fit in there. 

Step 2: 
Put some super glue on the back of your flowers and attach it to the comb one by one. Then leave it to dry. 

Step 3:
Ta-da! The comb is ready. Add it to your French twist or Edwardian tuck for maximum gorgeousness.

Speaking of flowers, I have recently discovered Fentimans Rose Lemonade. And it is now my drink of choice. It's a lovely ginger-flavored soda with just a hint of rose. Perfect for spring picnics.  


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dolce & Gabbana for Vogue Germany - Wilting Flowers

Spring is in the air. All the sunshine and patches of green grass have clearly gone to my head since as soon as I see a new photo spread with a flower theme, I feel compelled to blog it.   

These beautiful images created by photographers Daniele and Luigi + Iango make me think of the doomed queen Marie Antoinette. The gowns and hair are very à la pre-Revolutionary France. 

Publication: Vogue Germany April 2014
Models: Meghan Collison, Sophie Touchet, Steffi Soede, Xiao Wen, Holly Rose Emery & Codie Young 
Photographer: Daniele and Luigi + Iango
Styled: Patti Wilson
Hair: Luigi Murenu
Make-up: Virginia Young

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Art of Fantasy by Jeff Bark for Porter Magazine

This beautiful fashion spread reminds me of Pre-Raphaelite art and fairy tales. So I had to share it with you. 

Publication: Porter Magazine #2 Summer 2014
Model: Karen Elson
Photographer: Jeff Bark
Fashion Editor: Anthony Unwin
Beauty: Rick Gradone

Friday, April 4, 2014

Long Time Away and Back to the '70s

Well, it's been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. School, work and other things completely took over my life. But now I'm back. Sort of. At least I'll try and write more from now on.

I've been a bit ill so I've been watching a lot of That '70s Show, so this post is dedicated to all the '70s stuff I love.

The cast of That '70s Show.  

Another one of those faux '70s things. This is the Brady Bunch Movie from 1995, which is based on the series from the '70s but with a quaint '90s twist. It's like nostalgia for nostalgia. 

Nothing is more seventies than Star Wars.

And don't forget Wonder Woman played by the lovely Lynda Carter.   

Farrah Fawcett is quintessentially '70s. And absolutely gorgeous.   

The dark ladies of the 1970 cult classic The Vampire Lovers.

Riscilsoie eye makeup ad, 1974. Very understated.  

Barbie is so chic in her 1970s sticker book.

I think these cute outfits are from 1974. But I can't be sure.If anyone knows the source, please let me know. 

Sears catalog from 1973. Love the pattern dress. Not so sure about the shoes. Too clunky.  

Gorgeous 1970s caftans photographed by James Moore.  

I think I might do a whole separate post on the 1970s makeup and fashion. Now back to watching That 70s Show. I still have 5 season to go.    

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Medieval Fair at Hämeenlinna

I'm back! Sorry for neglecting my blog, but this summer turned out to be very busy: trips, events, crafts and school took over my life. But now I'm back with a new post on something recent and very fun indeed.

Last weekend I went to Häme Medieval Faire, which is a Medieval festival held at the Hämeenlinna's castle. Like all such occasions this one had food, mock fights, vendors selling everything a history enthusiast could ever want and lots and lots of rain and dirt (this is Finland in August, so that's to be expected), which made it feel very authentic.

A pig roasted on a spit may look horrible, but tastes great.

Barbarians arrived to show us some impressive horseback rindding stunts.

Vikings fought Saxons.

Saxons won.

Though most of them got killed.

I'm not at all an expert on medieval dress, so the fashion show was a real eye opener.

A little child was put in charge of a catapult.

My friends and I went dressed up, though we sacrificed historical accuracy for the sake of comfort and fun.

I have some great photos from the Times & Epochs festival in Moscow, but I still need to sort through them. So that's for another post.  
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